Marketing Optimization: It All Starts With Data

An excellent reminder on the fundamentals in an article by Pelin Thorogood in Clickz.

Better Analytics and Data Mining insights are both “the rage” and the tools required to provide the map needed to get your marketing programs from here….to there.

But we are reminded that the map is only as good as the data it is based upon.

Here is a snippet of Thorogood’s discussion:

“Analytics are only as good as the data you begin with – so it’s important to start with great, complete data!

Data has become the modern-day oracle for businesses seeking wise counsel and deep insights into the lives of their target audiences. Indeed, I sometimes think that Big Data has assumed almost mythic proportions in the minds of marketers who want to unlock the art and science of analytics to probe the hearts and minds of consumers. But you still need to start at the beginning – the quality and completeness of data. It’s that simple.

Analytics applied to poor-quality or incomplete data will fail. Visualizations based on substandard data and analytics are little more than pretty pictures. Actions taken based on these “insights” are unlikely to achieve your business goals and may even prove to be misleading.”

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