One (Story) Size Does Not Fit All

Many of us serving non-profit (NP) marketing—from NP leaders to creative pundits–have counselled our clients, Boards and teams for years to ‘tell compelling stories’ to attract and engage donors and volunteers.  It remains good advice but can it stand a little more clarity?  (For the record, this advice applies to everyone including corporate enterprise…..)

Not all stories work to drive the response we want across all segments.  How we share impact information with a Major Gift prospect is different than how we might tell our story to mass market individual donors or Corporate Sponsors, right?

So it should come as no surprise that recent research out of Stanford University confirms we should be tailoring our message and stories differently for women and men.  Here is a good article from Alex Daniels of The Chronicle of Philanthropy that provides a quick review of the research out of Stanford1. Have a read.

The good news is that in this online, integrated world of ours, there is no need for one story size to fit all—it’s affordable to customize your message by segment, gender and more.  Make the story you tell relevant to the person you’re sharing it with and results are sure to follow.

1 Willer, R., Wimer, C., Owens, L.A., What drives the gender gap in charitable giving? Lower empathy leads men to give less to poverty relief, Social Science Research (2015)

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