The Joys of Working With Young Staff and Interns

The phone was ringing, the coffee was brewing and there was the relentless clacking of keyboards; in other words, it was a typical Thursday afternoon at the Wellspring office.We were in the middle of strategic planning and analyzing the endless depths of a client’s data — can you say “Google Analytics”? Right when it felt like my head was about to explode, one of our amazing interns (Emma) interrupts everything and says, “You have to see this”!

Little fluffy panda cubs appeared on Emma’s screen.They were cuddling and rolling around beside their sleeping mother. We were apparently live-streaming the Toronto Zoo’s two new baby pandas, Jia PanPan and Jia Yueyue, on their “Giant Panda Cam”.

That’s the joy of bringing young people into your business, they bring fresh ideas and perspectives that you may never have stumbled across otherwise. They also break some eggs along the way but hey, that’s part of the fun too.

You can watch the live-stream yourself here, a fantastic way to start your Labour Day long weekend. Be safe everyone.

Photo courtesy of Chris Young via The Toronto Star.

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