5 Tips to Bring People Back

And no, not from the dead. Well, kind of. Re-engaging customers or donors can be a tricky process. Organizing and deploying “win-back” campaigns can be time-consuming, expensive and quite possibly, not result in the necessary ROI.



The best practice of course is — DON’T LOSE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Treat all your customers and donors like platinum from the beginning and throughout their journey with you. Use data and develop strategies to create personalized experiences that acknowledge individual interests and aspirations (we’ll do an in-depth blog on that another day). But alas, there is no formula to retain 100% of the people all of the time. So here are some tips to help get customers back once they’ve defected. DMN listed 10 in this article, I’ve summarized five of the best here:

  1. Survey

Everyone has a voice and opinion, let them use it! Surveys can be a great way to re-engage your customers and donors when carefully crafted. Ensure to only include questions or comment sections for topics that you know your brand can follow-up on, otherwise you can create frustration with a lack of follow-up. Also, if you choose to ask about any personal matters, don’t forget to be inclusive and conscious of the language you use.

  1. Goals

Before launching any re-engagement campaign, it is a must to establish who you’re targeting — we fall back on the good old 5 W’s and how. Targets not only help orient more cohesive and relevant communication, it also helps evolve other steps to success (see below!).

  1. Personalization and Customization

Personalizing communications with your customers is essential to rebuilding and maintaining a relationship. Here are a few ways you can acknowledge individuals in relation to your brand:

  • Use data to call in names and acknowledge and thank them for their previous contributions.
  • Provide personalized offers based on previous purchases or interests — customized incentives based on interest can elevate response, too!
  1. Timing

Too many messages, or conflicting ones, can be one of the biggest things that cause customer and donor fatigue. Make sure you know what your brand has in market, and when, to ensure the timing of your re-engagement messages isn’t just competing noise, but welcomed by your audience.

  1. Theme

Use birthdays, holidays, special or current events to create a theme for your message. Send a coupon to your customer for their birthday, or inform donors about a current event and how it can help their community of interest. Themes make your message relatable, reputable and relevant.

And if all else fails, everyone loves free stuff!