Top 2016 YouTube Ads

Every year there are ads that grab your attention — some in a positive way, others not so much. YouTube announced its most popular ads of 2016 in the Ad Leaderboard for Canada, with various unique brands making the cut (and three of them are Canadian, hooray!)

I think it’s great when agencies try to break out of their norm to gain attention and challenge perceptions, and it usually makes for interesting ads. With millions of messages shouting at consumers every day, sometimes it takes being a little edgy to cut through the noise. That’s why I chose to highlight the two videos below, please watch them and share your opinion!


Momondo — The DNA Journey

Momondo attempts to breakdown perceptions and stereotypes in The DNA Journey. At just over 5 minutes long, for a fast-paced video consuming audience such as YouTube’s, this ad seems lengthy. But I find it to be impactful, what about you?


SickKids VS: Undeniable

This one didn’t make the 2016 list because of its launch date, but it did receive an honourable mention. I’m an avid supporter of non-profits, we work with many amazing ones that do even more amazing work. This SickKids marketing campaign has been both praised and condemned, but one thing everyone can agree on is that it cuts through the noise, with force. And for me, that’s the point.


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