They’re doing what!?

Here are some cool things being developed in the world right now. You stumble across them, scrolling down your newsfeeds or browsing the latest blogs. The headlines or the images that stop you in your tracks and make you think, “hunh?” “cool!” or “WTF?”

Amidst what seems like a never-ending stream of bad news, I thought we could all use some time to ponder some forward-thinking, genius inventions.

Let’s start with an invention that has been the futuristic icon since the time of The Jetsons (full disclosure I wanted to be Judy Jetson).

Flying cars.


image courtesy of AeroMobil


I know I know, people have been making prototypes and championing their “flying car” for as long as you can remember, but this one is a little different.



The AeroMobil 3.0 (around for a bit of time already) is being shown off at a supercar show today. What makes it different? AeroMobil says the car will be available for pre-orders this year. That’s right, a commercially available flying car. Of course it will cost more than your average family car, with a price tag between 1.2 million and 1.5 million euros (2.1 million – 2.9 million CAD), according to this CTV article.

Want another cool thing? Okay, buckle down, this one’s a doozy.

Google (of course) is building artificial intelligence systems that compete against each other to get smarter. Yes, robots are testing and teaching each other, through photos, sounds and representations of the real world.



Now I am not going to pretend I can sit here and understand (and comprehensibly write) about AI in rocket scientist-like detail. But I can give you the run down from Wired’s article. Ian Goodfellow is building a new research group to look into what they call “generative models”:

“Standing there in the bar, Goodfellow decided that while one neural network learned to build realistic photos, a second could play the adversary, trying to determine whether these images were fake and, in essence, feeding its judgments into the first. In this way, he said, it could eventually teach the first neural network to generate fake images indistinguishable from the real thing,” writes Cade Metz in her article.

Identify fake content? That’s more than what most of the population can do on social media! (Looking at you, Facebook and certain political folks). Read more about the AI battles in Wired’s article here.

So there you have it. Some really cool things going on in the world to distract you from the not-so-cool things. Now get on with your day, but imagine on your way home tonight that you’re in a flying car, operated by robots that are likely smarter than you.

Sources: CTV , Wired