How Digital and Paid Search Skyrocketed Sales for Black Friday (+ 6 other days of the week)

Why stand out in the cold in the wee hours of the morning to cash in on Black Friday deals, when you could stay in your PJs while brands serve you all the deals you need from your laptop and cell phone all week long?

According to Direct Marketing News, conversion rates saw double-digit gains across both desktop and mobile this Black Friday. Mobile (to no one’s surprise) accounted for 60 per cent of site traffic and around 41 per cent of online orders, according to Salesforce.

Here’s a look at some brand and consumer behaviours from the U.S.;

  •  According to First Data, the three weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving showed considerable growth (Adobe marks $38.3 billion in spending since Nov. 1) which snowballed into stronger sales through the shopping holiday.
  • WebiMax CEO Kenneth C. Wisnefski believes the move was to compete against online retail giants like Amazon that typically offer discounts year-round.

 And for those who continue wondering about the value of paid search … stop wondering!

 Promotional campaigns accounted for more than 70 per cent of sales, with paid search making up nearly 23.3 per cent of sales this season, and traffic and email campaigns making up nearly as much.

What can make your campaign more successful than your competitor’s?

 Smart, targeted keywords, personalized campaigns and brand loyalty. According to Salesforce, nearly 30 per cent of revenue stemmed from shopping recommendations tailored to consumer habits with the help of A.I. insights. Yes, there are computers out there that know what coffee you like and which shoes you can’t stop checking in on and scrolling by (haha, Windows shopping).

You can read the full article by DMN news for more highlights by clicking here.

And if you want to watch a funny video about how Canadians shop vs. the U.K. and the U.S., here you go.