What We Do

Wellspring is a full service, integrated marketing and communications agency. We provide strategic counsel, research, database analytics, creative, brand and digital development, project execution and management, social media, digital advertising and so much more. We work with both corporate enterprise and non-profits across a wide variety of sectors. What we really do is help our customers cut through the noise, so you can be heard.


Data & Analytics  

(Good) Data + Insight = RESULTS

For 20 years, Wellspring has been helping our clients leverage data to create and improve marketing results. Our customized data audit, hygiene, enrichment, analytics, behavioural insights, segmentation and targeting strategies work together to increase our clients’ marketing yield, reduce costs, enhance brands and grow business.

While everyone talks about ‘BIG’ data, we get busy working to understand and improve your data, and make it work as hard as you do. (We actually did just say that.) See our work, click here.



Strategy, Brand & Creative 

Just because there’s a lot of brand content out there, doesn’t mean it’s good (or effective) content. Wellspring’s hard-won experience has taught us that well-informed, properly-targeted creative wins the day. Our specialties include strategic brand development and data-driven creative and content publishing—building brand and consumer experiences that target and develop market segments with the greatest potential for our clients. See our work, click here.



Integrated Marketing

Why is integration so essential? Because marketing without integration is just noise to consumers. Wellspring understands this, so we analyse and deploy every relevant channel to reach your target audience in ways your audiences want to be reached. We produce integrated campaigns across all mediums, ensuring we get the right message to the right people at the right moment for them to receive and act on it. Whether that’s through direct mail, contesting, social media, DRTV, email, radio, digital advertising, door-to-door or good old-fashioned phone calls. And yes, direct mail and phone calls really do still drive results! See our work, click here.



Web & Digital Solutions

  • Website Development & SEO – Want to know more about a brand? Google it. Your site is the face of your organization and home to your key value proposition. That’s why making it amazing and highly findable through SEO is more important than ever. We can help build, enhance and integrate your site to be engaging, interactive, mobilized and oh-so user-friendly.
  • SEM & Digital Advertising – Wellspring collaborates with our clients to conceive, create, execute and manage digital campaigns that drive long-term results. Our team is:
    • Experienced in social media communications and marketing across channels
    • Google AdWords and Analytics certified
    • Ready to provide grounded advice and support for the digital channels that will work best for your organization
  • Video Solutions – Your digital audience has a 3 second attention span—that’s shorter than most goldfish. Videos demand attention, and continue to be favoured by algorithms due to their engagement and response levels. We can help plan, script, shoot, edit, and strategically deploy video campaigns that can absolutely cut through the noise. Here’s a sample of high-impact video editing for digital advertising, brand awareness and fundraising. Note: Original footage and final edited video belong to Save the Children.

    See more of our Web & Digital Development work, click here.




    Turnkey Project Management 

    We can provide turnkey, outsourced marketing project management and produce your marketing programs from concept to in-market execution and post-campaign analysis. Or, we can scale our resources to provide collaborative support to you and your vendor partners for just some of the stages along the way. Our highly responsive project management team members are accessible based on business requirements customized to fit your needs. And we do it all without ‘big agency’ overhead and unnecessary layers, so your programs cost what they should, not what they could.



    And A Bunch Of Other Stuff!  

    Wellspring has survived and thrived to our 20th birthday (yep, 20 aleady!) in this ever-evolving competitive market by embracing change for ourselves and most importantly, our clients. There are always new channels, tools and markets being developed, and we can help you navigate all of them.


    Let us help you succeed with our experience, dedication and relentless drive to ‘Target, Test, Measure, Learn and Grow’.