Brand & Creative

Creative is about driving results, not seeking awards. Well-informed (databased!), properly targeted creative captivates an audience, tells the right story and compels response.

At Wellspring, we design brand identities, customer experiences and campaigns that target and develop market segments with the greatest potential for our clients. Please see below for a few examples of our branding and design work.


Brand Identity:

We design logo and brand identities that capture the brand personality, are adaptable across mediums and can evolve along with the brand or product.



From high impact direct mail offers and gift catalogues, to product brochures, corporate collateral and digital ads, our creative works to cut through the noise to drive engagement and convert to results.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the image you see at the top of the page and on the direct mail package below, is an origami crane. It was a direct mail piece that the donors could mail back (along with a donation, of course) for a Sunnybrook Foundation art installation. The origami cranes acted as a physical connection between the donor, the art and the cause they collectively supported. The DM package with the outer envelope, appeal letter, origami crane and instructions was really well received by all!