Getting Millennials to Respond to Direct Mail

Whether you’re after brand awareness, increased audience engagement, sales or donation conversions, every campaign—no matter the channel – must have a primary goal. Our last few blogs have looked at how direct mail works with millennials. Research has shown that when compared with digital advertising, direct mail works more strongly to persuade millennials, and it is visually processed for a […]

Activating Millennials to Process Your Message

In our two most recent blogs, we highlighted research showing that millennials respond to direct mail more than digital advertising alone (shocking, I know, check it out here).  And, we also showed how direct mail can be more persuasive for this cohort. (Millennials as a cohort is really not just one, more like a dozen, which we’ll dig into in […]

Persuading Millennials through Direct Mail

We persuaded you enough to open this article – and that was without personalization or incentives (other than the incentive to learn more)!  Last month we published an article that talked about how millennials do in fact respond to direct mail, verified through research.  Data proves out that direct mail (DM) remains an essential part of your integrated marketing for […]

Millennials Respond to Direct Mail – Say What?

“Life is like a box of direct mail, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Maybe that’s what Forrest Gump meant to say?  Or maybe not. It’s time to debunk the notion I’ve heard and read too many times to count over the last several years, that millennials want nothing to do with paper … anything.  Digital rules all with […]

Words & Phrases You Need To #StopUsingNow

Creative industry folks, just like those in other fields, get wrapped up in our work and tend to create our own mini-language. In marketing and communications, we are very much guilty of this, although we can be painfully unaware of it. For example: Client: “Our Big Data Rock Star ideated a cloud-based, scalable, native programmatic tool set that produced excellent […]

Key Digital Research Says ‘Get Going!’ Non-Profits

Along with other key findings, new research shows that online fundraising and digital advertising can be money well spent for most non-profits in today’s market. We’ve been following the M+R benchmarks study for several years now, and find it to be a credible and incredibly helpful resource. I was going to pull out a few highlights for you, but NonProfit […]

Embracing the Not-So Politically Correct

It’s a world where political correctness can stifle your humour and put you into hyper-sensitivity mode. Especially in marketing, where we are constantly trying to come up with new ideas to cut through the noise and drive results, without offending anyone. That’s why it’s refreshing when I see marketing campaigns with the right kind of humour and attitude – when […]

They’re doing what!?

Here are some cool things being developed in the world right now. You stumble across them, scrolling down your newsfeeds or browsing the latest blogs. The headlines or the images that stop you in your tracks and make you think, “hunh?” “cool!” or “WTF?” Amidst what seems like a never-ending stream of bad news, I thought we could all use […]

Appealing to Fickle (and Savvy!) Consumers

Receive 20X the points! Free coffee reward! Redeem for $10 off your next purchase! Such is the holler of brands spending billions of dollars on loyalty programs each year. And despite some valiant efforts and trackable successes, studies show consumers are fickler than ever. Ad Age cites statistics from Accenture’s research here, showing that 54% of people surveyed (25,000 respondents […]