4 Ways to Inspire Millennials to Reach For Your Cause

Many not-for-profits (NFPs) have begun to focus more robustly on accountability and transparency (for both ethical and legal reasons) as a way to attract and build a relationship with prospects and donors. After all, research has well-proven that donors give their money to a cause they trust will spend their hard-earned dollars wisely, and make a difference for that cause. […]

Millennials: The Misunderstood (& Micro-Analyzed) Generation Y

The mystical millennials ­— that group of 18 to 34 year-old creatures that confuses managers with their life and work desires, and stereotyped “entitlement”. Steve Paikin held an interesting panel on TVO’s The Agenda the other night about millennials. The topics ranged from their workplace expectations, to the (perhaps forlorn) ideal of home ownership and of course, social media and […]

Top 2016 YouTube Ads

Every year there are ads that grab your attention — some in a positive way, others not so much. YouTube announced its most popular ads of 2016 in the Ad Leaderboard for Canada, with various unique brands making the cut (and three of them are Canadian, hooray!) I think it’s great when agencies try to break out of their norm […]

5 Tips to Bring People Back

And no, not from the dead. Well, kind of. Re-engaging customers or donors can be a tricky process. Organizing and deploying “win-back” campaigns can be time-consuming, expensive and quite possibly, not result in the necessary ROI.   via GIPHY The best practice of course is — DON’T LOSE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Treat all your customers and donors like […]

My 5 Best Practices for Empowering Distributed Teams

This isn’t actually Stanley. This photo came from iStock, we don’t actually know this man. Businesses — of the entrepreneurial and modestly-sized variety — have all the tools we need to communicate effectively with our teams and clients, to produce excellent work and motivated teams.  Online collaboration tools, at our fingertips, leave ‘no excuse’ for communication gaps. Or do they? […]

Vine’s Death Reminds Us All That Social Media Can Build You, and Break You

How did it end up like this? It started off so strong. Vine launched in 2013 and gained over 200 million active monthly users by 2015. Sounds like a booming social media platform with real estate for substantial marketing opportunities to me, right? Not so much. Vine had opportunities to be THE tool for quick and entertaining videos ─ a […]

We’re On The Grow So Please Stay Tuned!

Thanks to all of the talented people who applied for our Web Designer and Developer position. All positions are now filled. But! we continue to grow with amazing clients (who keep sprouting cool projects), so please stay tuned for new opportunities. Wellspring’s client projects–adding a bit more than water to help business grow!

The Joys of Working With Young Staff and Interns

The phone was ringing, the coffee was brewing and there was the relentless clacking of keyboards; in other words, it was a typical Thursday afternoon at the Wellspring office.We were in the middle of strategic planning and analyzing the endless depths of a client’s data — can you say “Google Analytics”? Right when it felt like my head was about to […]