What We Do

We define and craft brand and cause stories that cut through the noise to engage, acquire, cultivate, and retain consumers and donors for
our clients.

Our team helps your team solve business communication challenges in ways that are creative, collaborative and cost-effective.


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Research & Analytics

Wellspring is a research and intelligence-driven agency. We execute primary and secondary research, both directly and through established industry partners. Our consumer and donor research and in-depth analytics give you a sharper picture of your target market, segmented audiences and competitive landscape. Our business intelligence will help you make more informed decisions about new markets, retail locations, consumer sentiment, donor behaviour and new business opportunities.

  • Data, Fundraising, SEO and Web Assessments (see THE DATA STORE)
  • Brand and Consumer Perception Studies
  • Market Segmentation and Modeling
  • Consumer and Donor Analytics and Reporting
  • Competitive and Market Environment Assessments

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Strategy, Brand & Creative

Our team has decades of experience planning and executing campaigns across a broad range of industries. This gives us a unique ability to “cross pollinate” ideas that have been informed by successful experience and bring them to your organization. Our specialties include strategic brand development and data-driven creative—building brand experiences and campaigns that target and develop market segments with the greatest potential.

  • Strategic Brand Reviews
  • Content Reviews
  • Brand  and Content Development
  • Design and Creative Execution
  • Content Re-purposing, Creation and Publishing

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Digital & SEM Solutions

Wellspring works with our clients to develop integrated campaigns that reach consumers and donors at all touchpoints. We provide grounded advice on digital media—when, how, why (and why not) to deploy various channels—and make it easy for our clients to take advantage of best practices.

This is particularly important for non-profit organizations, that must work harder today to attract donors online, through multiple devices.

  • SEO, Web Site and Digital Assessments (see THE DATA STORE)
  • Web Site Creation and Mobilization
  • Google and other Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display and Search Advertising
  • Video Creation and Curation
  • Google AdWord Grants for Non-profits

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Omni-Channel Communications

Whether your purpose is to acquire customers, steward donors or build brand awareness, you must deliver your marketing message through the channel that is most effective and relevant for your target audience. That’s why at Wellspring, we are omni-channel fluent. We produce integrated campaigns across all media, ensuring we get the right message to the right people at the right moment for them to receive and act on it.

  • Direct Mail, Print, DRTV, Radio
  • Web Development, Interactive Campaigns, Email, Social Media, Mobile
  • Paid Search Advertising, Keyword Development, Search Engine Optimization
  • Google AdWord Grants for Non-profits
  • Events, Door-to-Door, Malls and Street Intercept

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Marketing Execution & Project Management

Wellspring has built our reputation on impeccable project and campaign management, and it’s the reason why many clients turn to us first. Our ‘Talent-on-Demand’ model allows us to provide our clients with an expert and scalable talent pool based on project requirements. We provide senior level service in datawork, creative, coding, production, project and campaign management. And we do it all without ‘big agency’ overhead or fees so your programs cost what they should, not what they could.

We can provide turnkey, outsourced marketing project management and produce your marketing campaigns from concept to in-market execution and post-campaign analysis. Or we can provide collaborative support to you and your vendor partners for just some of the stages along the way—focused on production and project management, as an example. Our highly responsive project management team members can be ‘insourced or outsourced’ and are accessible based on business requirements customized to fit your needs.

  • Marketing Plan Development and Execution
  • Production and Project Management
  • Program Specification Research and Documentation
  • Campaign Management and Analysis
  • Collaborative Brand Management

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